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Dock and Seawalls are a big part of a lake property purchase and they must be permitted due to many reasons. One of the major reasons is the safety issue due to the number of dock electrocutions each year. Each dock will be inspected by the local fire marshal, after the sale of the property is completed. If the dock electrical system is not to code, the fire marshal will allow you a 30 day window to make needed repairs and bring dock up to code. If the dock is not brought up to code, the electrical service will be pulled. So having your dock/seawall inspected before the sale is compete will inform you of any major expenses, or safety concerns that may need to be addressed to bring the dock up to code. A dock/seawall inspection is a smart investment by the future home owner.

We will use a 26-point inspection to make sure that all areas of your dock wiring is up to code.

A private boat dock requires further examination in addition to being wired in compliance with the 2005 National Electrical Code.


Take advantage of the fact that our fully trained staff also has the knowledge to check that your boat dock is correctly wired by getting in touch with us today.

• Checking to make sure your junction box is weatherproof

• Verifying that all grounding conductors have a green continuous outer finish

• Making sure that all metal parts are bonded to the panel board

• Looking to see that all GFCI protected outlets work when tested and more

Comprehensive dock wiring inspection

Thorough examinations:

Designing a private boat dock?

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